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What Makes Our Abs Stimulators The Best On The Market

Variable Intensity

Everyone has different bodies which respond differently to varied types and intensities of exercise. If you want to take full advantage of your workout routine you have to personalize it to your physical characteristics, and that means working with products that let you have a say in the details. These abs stimulators offer you varied advanced features, one of them being the possibility to work with different electrical current intensities. The simpler models have 4 different intensity levels, while the most complex ones have up to 10 & more.

High-Quality Materials

The materials that Abdominal EMS machines are made from are really important. They are the pillars behind their durability, how comfortable they feel on your skin, how good-looking the designs are and how well they perform. Here at ElectricMuscleStimulators, you’ll see a range of professional-level materials, ranging from cotton, to ABS plastic, PC plastic (Polycarbonate), PU leather (polyurethane), silicone rubber and more – all of the highest quality, with 2 major goals in mind: your well-being and the abs stimulators’ performance.

Amazing Technological Features

Depending on the results you’re looking for, these abs stimulators have a variety of programs that can help you reach those results. If you want to exercise core muscles, they’re here to shock them into shape and turn them into the six and eight pack of your dreams. If what you want is weight loss, they can help you burn calories and loose excess fat as well. Finally, if strength is your aim, these abs stimulators will aid you in high-intensity training, giving you truly powerful abs. You can also take advantage of their handy advanced features like rechargeable batteries and wireless use.

Our Diverse Range of Abs Stimulators

The Abdominal EMS – 6 Pack Classic offers you the basic machine kit to work your abs, biceps and triceps. There’s also plenty of different settings you can choose from, including 4 different intensity levels. Power up your arms and strengthen your abs with a comfortable machine – all with convenient wireless controls.

One step up the quality ladder and you’ll find the Abdominal EMS – 6 pack PLUS, the “PLUS” means better quality material, better performance and a very handy feature: rechargeable batteries! It offers you 9 different intensity levels, instead of 4, and the first thing you’ll notice is that the price difference is not that big.

Providing you features like more durability, comfort, better skin-friendly materials, fresher designs and even more intensity levels (9), the Abdominal EMS – 6 pack PRO is the best professional abs stimulators (for a 6 pack) on the market. Programs like scraping, massage and acupuncture are just a few of the options it offers, combining efficiency and diversity in one simple-to-use but complex and highly effective machine.

The Abdominal EMS - 8 Pack is not that different from the classic 6 pack abdominal EMS, but offers stimulation pads to shape 8 abs instead of just 6. Helping you achieve a defined core and strong arms, it comes in different designs and colors (red edges, orange edges and even pink fill). Not only do you have different programs and protocols for different outcomes, you can also choose between a range of different intensity levels, allowing you to personalize your workout for better results.

If the last one does not satisfy your needs then take a look at the Abdominal EMS – 8 Pack PRO. Showing you results from just one month of use, the 10 different levels of intensity and a variety of programs will help you personalize your workout sessions and reach amazing looking abs and biceps/triceps much faster than you would expect. Bringing big features to the table like wireless controls and rechargeable batteries, this ab stimulator is the fitness equipment you need if you want pro results.

The Electric Ab Belt – Classic is a different approach to the same results. It offers you 4 strong stimulators in the front and 2 in the lumbar region, helping you reach that toned abs while maintaining a strong and healthy lower back (which is often overlooked but highly important). With 4 intensity levels and a variety of programs, you won’t believe its price when you see it.

Finally, featuring 9 Intensity levels, 2 arm stimulators and rechargeable batteries, the Electric Ab Belt – PRO raises the bar for professional ab belts. With a stylish orange look, you can use this product at home and at the gym, helping you reach your dream figure faster than ever. Lightweight, efficient and easy to use, the only thing standing before you and a healthier life is a “buy now” button!

What You Get With Our Abs Stimulators

Comfortable Products

Be it muscle rehabilitation, weight loss workouts or strength training, we don’t want you to have an uncomfortable experience. The whole idea behind abs stimulators and EMS in general is to help you reach your physical results while you’re resting or doing other daily activities, so having a painful or uncomfortable product in contact with your skin just defeats the purpose. The abs stimulators we present you here at EMS not only perform well but they feel great too, as they are the most comfortable machines on the market (due to their quality materials and expert design).

Easy to Use

Interface and usability are two words we take very seriously. You can never take full advantage of these abs stimulators if they are overly complicated. You’ll just have a frustrating experience and loose motivation to use them. That’s why we only offer abs stimulators that not only bring an extensive guide on how to use them efficiently, but also have a simple and logical system, allowing you to spend less time figuring out out to use them and more time enjoying them.

Eye-Catching Designs

Besides the stunning performance aspect, abs stimulators and EMS have come a long way in the last couple of years regarding design. With modern, fresh and professional looks, you can use them at home, at work, and at the gym without feeling self-conscious about having a chunky and awkward machine under your shirt. The range of designs we offer in our store give you a chance to choose an abs stimulator that will help you change your life, while looking good doing it!