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Abdominal EMS – 6 Pack Classic, Wireless with 4 Levels of Intensity




Abdominal EMS – 6 Pack Classic, Wireless with 4 Levels of Intensity

The Classic 6 Pack Abdominal EMS is super popular for a reason – it’s simple, effective and outstandingly affordable. It offers a diverse bundle of machines and accessories – from the abs mainframe to the extra EMS machines for your arms and legs – all with one goal in mind: helping you reach your physical goals. With 6 different programs and 4 intensity levels you can burn fat, build muscle and achieve the toned body you’ve been looking for.

  • 6 Modes and 4 Intensity Levels
  • Simple to Use and Effective
  • Classic Portable Design

Take full advantage of its different programs (weight loss, muscle strengthen, massage, combination, etc…) and get the exercise that better suits your needs. With 4 intensity levels to boot, you’ll get a strong helping hand throughout your journey to build your ideal body.

Abdominal EMS – 6 Pack Classic

Offering a flawless, highly conductive and comfortable connection between the gel pads and your body, you’ll not only get powerful stimulation but also feel good while doing it. The wireless machines and intuitive controls make it easy for you to move around freely and change the settings in seconds.

Soft PU leather pads make the mainframes extra durable while also ensuring they fit the contours of your body with ease. It’s highly sweat resistant as well so you can use it and abuse it without feeling any discomfort or loss in performance.

Small in size and foldable, this EMS set is perfect for travelling, making sure you never miss a day of workout. It also looks sleek, making it a great choice to wear whether you’re at home or at the gym.

You can choose from a variety of bundles, here’s what each one contains:

Full Sets:

(1) – 1 x Abs Mainframe + 1 x EMS Controller + 10 x Gel Pad Pieces
(2) – 1 x Abs Mainframe + 2 x Arms/Legs Mainframes + 3 x EMS Controllers + 10 x Gel Pad Pieces

Basic Sets:

(3) – 1 x Abs Mainframe + 1 x Controller
(4) – 1 x Abs Mainframe + 2 x Arms/Legs Mainframes + 3 x EMS Controllers

Every FULL SET also brings 6 batteries and 1 instruction manual.

Abdominal EMS - 6 Pack Classic 1Abdominal EMS - 6 Pack Classic 2 Abdominal EMS - 6 Pack Classic 3

Additional information

Weight0.3 lbs
Dimensions13 × 13 × 4 in


Brand Name



Silicone + Gel

Model Number

Electrode Pad


Silicone + Gel

Item Type

Massage & Relaxation


US,EU adapter


fat burning


body massager


Therapy Massager


Electric Stimulator

20 reviews for Abdominal EMS – 6 Pack Classic, Wireless with 4 Levels of Intensity

  1. Pat Links

    Fast shipping is just the beginning. This price for this degree of quality… TOP, especially in the EMS machine world where everything tends to be so expensive. One of the best purchases I’ve done!

  2. Peter Graca

    Everything works better than well and the set came quickly. 10/10

  3. Rick Lorenzo

    The product is just as stated in the description and without any issues. Looks very professional and everything works flawlessly. Gave it a test drive for a few weeks and i’m impressed, very easy to use and it feels very nice, I can already see more definition so it’s definitely 5 stars from me.

  4. Oliver Dias

    Perfect condition and works wonders. Top packaging, excellent quality.

  5. Paulie Johnson

    Everything arrived safely and nicely packaged, everything works too. I’ve found that the most important thing is to correctly choose your mode and intensity. It’s quite powerful so if you press the “+” too many times then simply reduce with the “-“. In general, it’s a high quality product at a fantastic price.

  6. Antonio G

    Just what I was looking for, beautiful design too. Works wonderfully well and it’ll really give your muscles a kick!

  7. Jeremy Pryce

    Beyond good – it’s great. Very nice packaging too and wow that price is just unmissable. Full rating easily, it’s bringing my love for exercising back!

  8. Dennis Lee

    100% like in the description. Haven’t tested yet as it’s a gift for my wife for the new year 😉 Thank you very much EMS team for the great product.

  9. Will Baxter

    From the product to the shop itself, 5 stars. Super comfortable to wear, easy to use and the wide range of intensity lets you perfectly adapt it to your needs. Highly recommend the classic set!

  10. Fitz

    As expected, great product at a great price. It’s the classic for a reason – highly recommended!

  11. Miriam

    Awesome product, works great! After only 2 weeks I can already see more definition and lines on my stomach. Beyond 5 stars.

  12. Tania M

    Short and simple: 5*

  13. Avery

    Pumped my exercise up! Potent and great results already. As a bonus, it also looks very nice when being worn.

  14. Renato

    Came without batteries but hey, they did warn me I’m just so forgetful. Product itself is wonderful, very well built and screams quality.

  15. Chet

    Sticks very well, works great and has quite a powerful feeling. Just wish it consumed less batteries haha

  16. Salvador Sadler

    LOVE using this machine, makes my exercise so much more fun and I’m loving the feeling. The price is super affordable too but I’ll probably get the 8 pack version now for even more coverage!

  17. Larry P

    Beautiful looking, super well built and works exactly as described. Easy to use and powerful too!

  18. Dianne Palmer

    Wow this set is astounding. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I wasn’t convinced that it would work but by golly, you can see the results quickly and they’re fantastic! I recommend not only this awesome set but this website too, EMS did everything to ensure that the package was delivered safe and quickly. Happy customer no doubt!

  19. Gus Brandon

    Arrived in 2 weeks, everything perfectly wrapped and can’t wait to give it a try. Everything matches the description and I’m a happy camper!

  20. Olsen H

    Fast shipping, excellent packaging and the best part – the top notch machine. Very easy to use and you can regulate the intensity which is awesome. I can already see results after only 2 weeks, can’t wait to see the effects after a couple of months! Excellent experience.

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