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Abdominal EMS – 6 Pack PRO, Wireless & Rechargeable with 9 Levels of Intensity




Abdominal EMS – 6 Pack PRO, Wireless & Rechargeable with 9 Levels of Intensity

We dare you to find a more modern-looking EMS than the 6 Pack PRO Abdominal EMS. With its futuristic black and blue design and a matching level of pure performance, this powerful EMS set’s quality is off the charts. It features 6 different programs and 9 levels of intensity so you can perfectly adapt it to your needs and goals. It’s also completely wireless, giving you absolute freedom of movement and making changing its settings a breeze. As the cherry on top, it’s also rechargeable which means you’ll never have to buy batteries – now this is quality.

  • 6 Modes and 9 Intensity Levels
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Comfortable high quality cotton
  • Fresh and modern-looking design

Use its easy push-button system and try the diverse range of automatic programs (tapping, scraping, massage, and more) this EMS has to offer. Feeling too weak or too strong? Pump those intensity levels up or down, making your workout experience as personalized and effective as possible.

Rechargeable batteries is a feature that you can’t get enough off – it’s one of our customers’ favorite qualities on an EMS machine – so the PRO kit certainly has it. Easy to recharge by USB, you’ll never have to stop mid-workout and run to the store to get more batteries.

Even though it’s highly durable and powerful, the PRO abdominal EMS is also as comfortable as it gets. Due to the elastic PU leather and the high-quality gel pads, a pleasant experience is a guarantee.

The 6 pack PRO not only looks like it came from the future but it performs like it as well. Coupled with its high-end-performance, you also get to enjoy its amazingly fresh black and blue design. An opportunity like this at such a fantastic price doesn’t come that often – get yours today and start shaping your dream physique!

What you’ll get:

1 x 6 Pack PRO Abdominal EMS + Controller
2 x Arms/Legs EMS + 2 Controllers (optional)
1 x USB cable
1 x Instruction Manual

Abdominal EMS - 6 Pack PRO 1
Abdominal EMS - 6 Pack PRO 2Abdominal EMS - 6 Pack PRO 3Abdominal EMS - 6 Pack PRO 4Abdominal EMS - 6 Pack PRO 5Abdominal EMS - 6 Pack PRO 6Abdominal EMS - 6 Pack PRO 7

Additional information

Weight0.25 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 in
Item Type

Massage & Relaxation


Composite Material

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Multi Size SML

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9 reviews for Abdominal EMS – 6 Pack PRO, Wireless & Rechargeable with 9 Levels of Intensity

  1. Evelyn Diaz

    Super Product, delivered very fast and secure (only 11 days) and works! Took a few pictures to show you how it looks when it’s on, you can really notice it working and the range of intensity is perfect.

  2. Harry Muntz

    I’m so happy with this, I couldn’t fully believe it worked until I tried it myself. Yes, the science is there but seeing the results yourself is just wow! I’ve only been using it for little more than 1 month and the definition is already visible. Outstanding work guys!

  3. Donald R.

    Very satisfied with both product and the store. For the quality of this machine, the price is beyond affordable and I especially love the design of this set. Very powerful too and recharges very quickly!

  4. Mark

    Great product all around, blew my expectations (which were already quite high) away. Recommended for anyone that wants to get fit quickly and easily ( isn’t that all of us? haha 😉 )

  5. Leonard

    Got it quickly, very nicely packaged. The materials are of super high quality and it works like a dream. I keep the abs on while switching the other pads to my arms or legs, depending on the day. Awesome set at a fantastic price!

  6. Kevin West

    Exactly as described which is to say, excellent. Wanted a top-shelf EMS item and that’s what I got, 5 stars.

  7. Paula Gates

    Packed well and got it in just over 2 weeks time. It’s a breeze to use and in my case, I saw results in just 1 month of use! More definition on abs and my legs too.

  8. Eric

    Works 100%, just as expected. Great quality with attractive design and potent modes.

  9. Shelly Smith

    Got it because of the gorgeous design and great price, super satisfied. It looks professional and performs like it too. You can equip it easily, use the complementary pads on either the arms or legs and the ab one is powerful! Great modes as well.

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