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What Makes Our Arms Stimulators the Best On the Market

Real Results

Whether you feel like you don’t have any time to exercise, you want faster results or you just hate exercise in general, these arms stimulators are here to help. Even though these stimulators produce results by their own, if you couple the EMS sessions with biceps and triceps workouts, you'll feel and notice fantastic results - fast. Follow the instructions and you'll reach real and visible results in just a couple of months.

Diverse Range of Settings

The arms are one of the muscle groups that we, at Electric Muscle Stimulators, get more questions about. Some people want to strengthen them without having big muscles, some people want to focus more on the visual aspect and get big “guns” and some people just want to loose excess fat that keeps dangling around from the bottom. Different workout routines lead to different results and that’s why its important to personalize your sessions in order to reach your goals as fast as you can and effectively. The arms stimulators we have in our store offer you a big variety of programs, like massage, tapping, and others (don’t worry if you don’t know what they mean – the instruction manual is there to help you out), ensuring that you can perfectly tune their settings to your needs.

Easy-to-Use Machines

EMS in general have a long history of overly complicated machines with a crazy amount of different setting that, in the end, offer you the same result. The arms stimulators we present you here were designed with your opinions in mind and are streamlined to the essential settings that really matter. You can still think they’re a little but too much for you, and that’s why it comes with a thorough and very comprehensible instruction guide, helping you choose the best settings for your specific goals with ease.

Our Range of Arms Stimulators

The Classic Arms EMS is one of the most comfortable and simple EMS machines on the market, coupling efficiency with convenience. With 4 different intensity levels and 6 different programs, this cotton and plastic stimulator will help you reach toned arms in no time.

For just a couple more bucks why don’t you step up to the Edge Arms EMS? Same intensity levels and same programs but with a better overall performance, the edge arms EMS allow you to choose from 3 different fresh-looking designs (black, pink and red).