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What Makes These Back Stimulators the Best On the Market

High-Quality Materials at Affordable Prices

Made from high quality cotton & robust hardened plastic, these back stimulators will comfortably fit the contours of a sensible area, like your upper back or your neck, and resist most bumps and falls. Highly durable and extremely comfortable, you’re buying a machine to last, so see it as an investment on your future body and the goals you’ve set for it. We're also offering it at a stunning price, giving you a mountain of value for just a few bucks so what are you waiting for - enjoy!

Diverse Range of Settings

Whether you want to exercise your muscles for strength and definition or to relax stress, our electric back stimulator has got you covered. The back EMS we offer takes into account both the sensitivity of the area and its importance as a pillar of your physical integrity (a strong back prevents a lot of common injuries), providing you with plenty of programs that adapt to your needs and sensitivity. Besides that, you can choose from 4 different intensity levels. Lastly, you can also set the EMS to massage mode so you can feel a relaxing, stress-relieving sensation after your workout.

Our Range of Back Stimulators

Currently, the Classic Back EMS is the only one we have in our store, but rest assured it’s more than enough to fulfill all of your needs. Coming in 2 different stylish colors, it provides you with 6 diverse programs and 4 intensity levels – have you noticed how seriously we take the words “personalized workout”? You can use it on your lower back, lumbar area, neck, and more (suited for most back muscles). 2 common AAA alkaline batteries (not included) power the electrodes, which will be conducted by the gel sheets and stimulate your muscles. In short, it's the ultimate back stimulator, available at an impressively affordable price.

What You Get With These Back Stimulators

Great Results

Reaching visibly toned back muscles is only accomplished with a large amount of determination and hard work. While in the past you were all alone, these days you've got our back stimulator to help you all the way. It offers you real physical results in a couple of months in an easier, faster way than the usual. Comfortable and skin-friendly, you can even use them while watching TV, doing chores, working or relaxing outside. If you use them alternately with workout sessions the results will be boosted even further, making them noticeable much faster.

Eye-Catching Designs

From a stylish orange to a futuristic grey, the designs of these back stimulators were visualized with two big goals: on one hand, finding time to exercise is getting harder everyday, so the elegant and fresh designs give you the chance to use them pretty much everywhere without receiving weird and suspicious looks; on the other hand, portability has become a big word in EMS world, and these don’t overlook that. You can easily fold them, pack them and take them everywhere you go. No more excuses not to exercise - it's time to get to work!