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What Makes These Buttocks Stimulators the Best On the Market

Fast Results

Weight loss, muscle toning or muscle strengthening are processes that, when pursued through traditional methods, can take a really long time before you start seeing real changes. And we all know that not seeing visible results can lead to frustration and lack of motivation – two big opponents of workout routines and a healthy life. To help you reach results faster, these buttocks stimulators are made to boost your exercise either alone or together with your workouts and give you visible body transformations from just one month of use.

Comfortable and Convenient Machines

Made from high-quality hardened plastic and soft but durable cotton, the buttocks stimulators you see on our store all have two things in common: comfortable, sturdy and skin-friendly materials. You’ll often see a lot of big, chunky and awkward buttocks stimulators that don't even worry with the visual and design aspect of it - not ours. We take the visuals seriously. Stylish, soft and comfortable, these buttocks EMS help you power-up your workouts while feeling and looking good.

Large Range of Programs and Intensity Levels

A person’s body, along with its mind, is one of the most individual aspects of a human being, resulting in different results from the same workout, and same results from different workouts. You have to know your body and how it works so that you can personalize the workout to take full advantage of it. That’s what these buttocks EMS offer you: customization. Featuring various easy-to-use programs (scraping, tapping, massage, etc…) and 4 different intensity levels, you'll be able to plan the perfect workout session for your body.

Our Range of Buttocks Stimulators

The Classic Buttocks EMS is a stylish choice and a truly efficient machine. The soft pads comfortably fit your buttocks contour while the potent electrodes do their job effectively. For a cuter and more charming option, the pink buttocks EMS is perfect, while the orange one offers you a more modern and fresh look. With 6 different programs and 4 intensity levels you can achieve firm and toned buttocks with speed and ease. Just choose the settings you think are most suited for your body and for the results you wish (the manual gives you all the explanations you need) and you're on your way to getting the buttocks you've been looking for.

What Makes Our Buttocks Stimulators Stand Out

Eye-Catching Designs

The old days of staying at home while using EMS, mainly because they were ugly, big and impossible to hide, have reached an end with these sleek-looking buttocks stimulators. With a variety of fresh and modern designs, you can use them at your place, at the gym and even at work without shameful and suspicious looks. With the advance of technology, these abs stimulators not only offer better performance but they also come in smaller sizes, making them subtler and more comfortable.

Excellent Value

Gym membership fees, overly expensive exercise machines, fitness clothing, protein supplements and a range of other costs can quickly add up to become unbearable. Due to the recent boom in search for a healthier life, there’s a lot of expensive products in the exercise world and EMS machines are no exception. That’s why, here at ElectricMuscleStimulators, we offer you the products with the best quality-price ratio on the market, meaning you can reach your physical goals without breaking the bank. If you browse through our store you’ll notice we’re serious about both quality and price, if you take a look at the various reviews our costumers leave us, you’ll also notice that the products we offer don’t sacrifice quality for that attractive price tag - you're getting the best of both worlds!

Free Shipping

Nobody likes to pay for shipping, that's why we offer all of our products' shipping for free. Buy away with peace of mind - there are no hidden fees.